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Industrial Adhesive / Non Adhesive Tapes

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House of Insulation Material & Fibre Glass Product
All Types Of Electrical Insulating Materials For
Cables, Transformers, Generators, Motors, Traction Motors, Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Etc.
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Sneham International Industrial Adhesive / Non Adhesive Tapes  
Industrial Adhesive & Non - Adhesive Tapes
Industrial Adhesive & Non - Adhesive Tapes
sl. no.
Backing Material
Adhesive System
Product Thickness
Tensile Strength
Adhesion to Metal
Elongation (%) (min)
Operating Temperature
Teflon FEP Tape Transparent Adhesive
Teflon FEp Film
Thermo setting Adhesive
0.08 mm
1.4 kg/cm
200 gms/cm
250° C
Insulation of class 'H' used for high temperature HT insulation for end holding of non adhesive tapes in high voltage equipments

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